PRSAS glossary

Definitions for commonly used terms in PRSAS accreditation standards and evidence requirement. 

Service standard operating policy (service SOP)

  • A pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) service's service descriptor
  • The document should have a comprehensive contents list and include an appendix to organisation wide policies
    • It should outline the entire service, ranging from ethos, culture and team approach, to risk, governance and assessment processes, and many more
  • Sometimes referred to as a super SOP or mothership document.

Operational plan

  • A PR service's plan for delivering PR in the coming 12 months.
  • A product of the annual review, driven by NRAP data and other external factors, specifying how a PR service will perform against targets and KPIs. 

Organisational plan

  • An organisation's organogram
  • A document that shows clearly where a PR team sits within an organisation, including adjacencies, and with clear lines of responsibilities feeding up to the chief executive officer
  • It should include names of senior PR team members, their profession, grade and whole time equivalent.

Standalone SOP

  • A document outlining operational procedures specific to a PR service, eg walking test procedure or 1RPM testing procedure.

Organisation policy

  • A document outlining a policy that applies to the whole organisation
  • Typically document review of such policies would be outside of a PR service's control, eg documentation policy or staff sickness policy.

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