PRSAS accreditation training day

We are delighted to announce that on the 7 December 2021 we will be hold two training sessions (you must register for these events before joining the session).

The two training sessions will cater for services that are at different stages of the accreditation journey. We encourage services to join the session that is most relevant to them. 

Session one: Recent registration and initial self assessment/service improvement stage 14.00-15.00

This session is dedicated to services who have recently signed up for accreditation and are currently going through the initial self assessment/self improvement phase of accreditation. The session will focus on the accreditation pathway and timelines, as well as how to approach the self-evaluation process. There will be some practical tips about gathering and uploading evidence, resources available as well as a talk from an accredited service about their accreditation journey. Register for this session 

Session two: Completing self assessment/ assessment stage 15.10-16.20

This session is dedicated to services who are at the more advanced stage of the self assessment  journey and may be soon ready for site assessment. There will be advise on meeting standards and the evidence requirements, what to expect on the day of the site assessment as well as a talk from an accredited service to share their experience of their assessment. Register for this session 

PRSAS monthly support sessions

In order to continue to support PR services across the country at this difficult time, we are providing monthly remote support sessions on the first Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise stated), from 10am to 11am. Click here to Join

Each session will cover a specific PRSAS domain and offer the opportunity to ask any questions you may have of the team.

7 December 2021 - Domain 3: person-centred treatment and/or care

4 January 2022 - Domain 4: risk and safety

1 February 2022 - Domain 5: clinical effectiveness

1 March 2022 - Domain 6: staffing a clinical service, and Domain 7: improvement, innovation and transformation

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