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Register today to get involved in improving pulmonary rehabilitation services through accreditation of your service.


Who is eligible to register with PRSAS and to work towards accreditation?

The following types of pulmonary rehabilitation services are eligible to register to be part of the accreditation programme:

  • Standalone PR services
  • PR services that are part of wider respiratory services
  • PR services provided by private providers (NHS commissioned/funded).

Services must be adhering to or working towards meeting the British Thoracic Society’s Quality Standards for Pulmonary Rehabilitation and the NHS England Service Specification for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (England only).

If you are a service abroad or are a non-NHS commissioned/funded private provider, please contact us at


The accreditation subscription is charged annually and will range between £1430 — £1540 (plus VAT) depending on the number of types of sites within the services, eg if you see patients at three community centres and one hospital base, then you operate over two types of sites. 

Typically, the subscription will be:

  • £1430 if the service has one type of site
  • £1540 if the service has two types of sites
  • £1650 if the service has three types of sites  

If the service has four or more types of sites there may be a bespoke cost.


Why is the annual subscription the same each year, when I don’t receive a full assessment every year?

The annual subscription covers the cost of accreditation, including assessment, over the course of 5 years and is paid in annual instalments.


What does the annual subscription include?

The annual subscription includes:

Discounts available

Thanks to support from NHS England we are able to offer services registering as part of a group, ie an ICB or a clinical respiratory network, a discount on their first year's subscription,

  • A discount of £250 will apply on each service's first year's subscription.

If you are part of a group of PR services who may be interested in the bespoke group support deal, please contact

If you are part of a group of services outside of England and wish to register, please contact

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