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BTS Quality Standards for Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Adults 26 Apr 2018 129
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Standards
2017 pulmonary rehabilitation audit report 26 Apr 2018 30
National Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Audit Programme:
Clinical and organisational audits of pulmonary rehabilitation services in England and Wales 2017
PR Accreditation Pilot Evaluation Report 2016 26 Apr 2018 34
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services Accreditation Scheme Pilot report 2016
Respiratory Futures Forum Link 15 Jun 2018 58
Online forum hosted by respiratory futures. This new forum has been established by Respiratory Futures to address that gap and provide a dedicated space to share new ideas and best practice, and seek input from peers.
Driver diagram template 11 Mar 2020 107
A driver diagram is a quality improvement tool aimed at supporting service to move from their aim to an intervention.
7.1 - The service develops a quality improvement (QI) plan in relation to improving...
7.2 - The service provides staff members with the support, training and protected...

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