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PRSAS a year in review
21 December 2021

Highlights and achievements of 2021

A highlight of the PRSAS achievements in 2021


PRSAS training sessions

PRSAS held 4 remote service training sessions. After receiving feedback from services who attended the training sessions at the start of the year, the format of the training sessions were changed and split into two sessions. This change allowed us to tailor our training sessions to fit services who are at different stages of their accreditation journey. We will continue with remote service training sessions next year, and COVID guidance permitting we will return to some face-to-face service training days as well as planning bespoke network training session for the second half of 2022.

Along with this, we also delivered 12 remote support sessions. We proactively seek feedback and act on comments received, similar to the service training sessions we adapted and changed our remote support sessions this year. In its current format, each month our quality lead, Maria Buxton delves into our PRSAS domains explaining the context around each standard, guiding on how to evidence against each one, outlining what assessors will be looking for, and top tips to achieving accreditation. It has been a great joy to see so many of you at the monthly remote sessions and we are delighted that these will continue next year. 

2022 training dates can be found here


3 services awarded accreditation 

We would like to congratulate our 3 newly accredited services in 2021, Royal Berkshire Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation ServiceGlenfield and Leicester Hospitals Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme, and BCHC Community Respiratory Service Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Well done on all your hard work!

We would also like to thank all our PR services who are working towards accreditation despite all the challenges. 


14 trained PRSAS assessors

PRSAS team of assessors grew in 2021! We were delighted to be able to recruit experienced and enthusiastic pulmonary rehabilitation service providers to the team and we look forward to working with you all.

From our ongoing PRSAS registered services survey several services have indicated to us they are working hard on their self-assessments and will be ready to submit in 2022. In anticipation of this, PRSAS have launched our new round of PRSAS assessor recruitment campaign. If you are interested in applying or know anyone who is interested please visit the recruitment page.


Resource library

We have worked hard on building our resource library in 2021, we have created and released a number of key documents and templates for PR services to use. 

An example of this is our operational plan template, this resource is key reading for all PR services and should be read alongside the standards document at the start of the self-assessment and service improvement phase of accreditation.

The PRSAS team will continue to work on creating more key document templates to add to the resource library next year, as well as adding best practice examples from accredited services. If there are specific documents you would like to see, please reach out to us.


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