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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Awareness Week - 20–24 June
14 June 2022

Exercise and education for lung illness offers a new lease of life

'For people with lung disease, completing pulmonary rehabilitation can reduce the time spent in hospital by 4.8 days from 9.6 days' - Royal College of General Practitioners audit year 2018

Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) can ease the pressure on hospitals all year round, not just in the winter. Over 1 million hospital bed days per year are taken up by lung patients (NHS England). PR is designed to improve the breathing and wellbeing of people with lung disease through exercise training and self-management skills, it is suitable for any stable lung condition. It gives people with lung disease the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health care and it provides opportunity to address the physical, emotional and mental difficulties they face. 


PRSAS is joining this national campaign to help raise awareness

We have some exciting events planned for the national Pulmonary Rehabilitation Awareness Week this year. 

Follow us on Twitter @PRaccreditation for more information, regular updates and to get involved in our conversations on the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation for patients, and how our PRSAS accreditation programme can help improve the quality of PR for patients!

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